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update and ficlet (DC- Red Arrow (G))

Title: Fade to Light
Characters: Red Arrow, small amount of Green Arrow. Mentions Of Lian Harper and Cheshire
Summary: Trapped and injured, Roy's mind wanders.
Rated G
DC owns all characters.
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May. 25th, 2009

Finally have that podfic recorded (wee, itsy bitsy, Lian fic...will tackle something bigger next time)...But now my delightful tribe have managed to use up 60 gig of high speed downloads and we've been dropped back to slow-go until Wednesday. My goodness, it's a PAIN. Can't get a darned thing to upload on this speed. *frowns*

May. 23rd, 2009


A word of advice. When recording podfic and you finally get that perfect, flawless, no stammering reading done after 50 failed attempts...make sure you remembered to hit 'record' first before celebrating. *headdesk*

Still Podfic'n

OMG! I have the worse voice!

I don't think any of the "Arrows Reflections" series will work as a podfic (not with my voice anyway) Ollie just sounds so...wrong! *sigh*

Oh well. At least I know how to do this now. *goes in search of a different fic to record*


I now have a microphone, a computer, I've downloaded Audacity. Now I've got to choose which fic I'm bravely going to record. Seeing as I just wasted well over an hour trying to choose one, I'm thinking that's going to be the hardest part of the entire process.

Sometimes I have dumb ideas. *sigh*

Oh well, back to sinking the Titanic. Once the kids get that report finished they've done all their work for the week so I'll have free time to work out which story to go with. Then I won't feel guilty for slinking off and doing 'me' stuff when they should be doing school stuff.


Does anyone know of a good free recording program that is compatable with Vista? I looked at WildVoice but it says its not Vista compatable.

I've been listening to Stargat Atlantis podfics (audio books- recorded readings of fanfics..whatever you want to call them) a lot lately and I'm quite interested in recording some of my own stories in this way.

I've found them excellent for listening to while waiting for doctors appointments, driving, helping me to stop my brain from stewing over other things by dropping off to sleep while listening to them etc. Also good while I currently deal with some eyesight issues.

There doesn't seem to be any DC recordings that I can find, although there are a tremendous amount of other fandom fics recorded. I'd like to give this a try but need to find a good recording program.

Any ideas?



Have two spare invite codes for anyone who wants them. First in first served.

Apr. 12th, 2009

Sam has gone to visit my mum. He's my baby big boy.. :) lol, first trip away from home by himself. A year ago he wouldn't have been able to do it because his anxiety was so out of control. But yesterday he hopped on the bus and gave me a big smile and wave, and I bit back my anxiety and waved back. 7 hrs later he arrives at mums, then calls me to say he's arrived saftely. This was the conversation-

Me- So, was it a fun trip?

Sam- It was okay in the end. I.....leaked a bit at first.

Me- (a bit shocked) You leaked??? But there's a toilet on the bus.

Sam- Not that sort of leaking!

Me- Oh?

Sam- I was a little bit scared and I tried to hold it in, but I leaked and people noticed.

Me- (just not getting it) Well...I'm sure other people have leaked on the bus before?

Sam- Because they were scared as well?

Me- Um...maybe.

Sam- Well there was a military man sitting next to me and he said it was okay. He said he got shot in the leg once and he cried too.

Me (light bulb goes on) Oh, you cried?

Sam- I didn't cry. My eyes just leaked a bit.

Lol. It's just not cool to cry when you're 12.
Ive been asking this question everywhere but cannot find what I'm looking for. (or rather I found it once then lost it when my computer died.)

I'm frantically searching for unit plan examples for homeschooling children with Asperger's Syndrome, particulary unit plans that use a combination of 'Unschooling' and more standard teaching techniques.

I'm hoping to form unit guides that have some written/book work but that focus the teaching more on activities that require a more hands on approach of doing and experiencing, especially for maths where my son has learning gaps that are not being filled with Distance Education and will more likely stand a chance of being targeted with a more flexable combination of text-based and natural learning.

My brain is frying as I try to draft Unit Plans that address all the key learning areas of the Queensland Education Department curriculum without ever having written a plan to know what I'm doing and how to set things out. The unit plan guides/examples on the ED Dept website don't address special needs. They have templates for the special needs unit plans but those are only blank templates and have don't have guides/examples to follow.

I found a blog that had the perfect example of a plan written for an Australian child with Asperger's, but my computer died before I could save the page and now I can't find it again.

Dec. 22nd, 2008

I hope this works. Apologies if the LJ cut fails, it's been a pain today.

Title- Small Surprises
Cgaracters- Arrow clan
Summary- Christmas ficlet
Rated G

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Gah! I would post an Arrow ficlet if the stupid LJ cut would work properly! *grumbles*

Oh My Goodness! Just saw some scenes from the final SGA rough cut. *Bounces* Looks to be an awsome episode. I want to know how they got there. I sure hope it's only temporary though.
Finally finished watching every episode of SGA released so far and there's only two more to go till the final season ends. :(

I refuse to start watching the SG1 complete seasons my boy bought me as a gift. Not yet anyway, my brain needs to recover from maraton SGA watching before I entertain starting on 200 odd episodes of the original stuff.

On the bright side, maybe now I can't delve in my latest fandom obsession by watching it every night with hubby (Yaay I converted him to one of my fandoms!) I may actually find my DCU muses. They really want to return, if I can seperate them from the silly SGA/DCU crossovers that haunt my dreams I may actually be able to write some. I have files full of unfinished/half started fics I need to take a look at ant they are really starting to eat at my subconcious, so yeah, time to drag them out and see if the muses will help me finish them.
Keeley has to adapt an Australian recipie for her school breakup party. Instructions are that she should use uniquely Aussie ingredients and make or remake an Australian dessert of savory dish. She has to 'personalize' it to make something 'different'.

I'm having a hard time convincing her that 'Vegimite Pavlova' might not be as tasty as she seems to think it will be (and adding peanut butter and cheese most certainly won't make it appeal to me any better). Lol, at least it will be 'personalized', because I don't know of too many other kids that will eat it so she'd have it all to herself.
He...I am both amused and annoyed. More leaning towards amused though.

Telemarketer for a well known phone and internet provider rang, offered me a better deal then the company I'm with so I signed up. All went well until the time came for the man to put through the order to switch the services..then this conversation-

Him- "Um...Maam, I'm sorry, but what was your address again?"

I repeat my address, carefully spelling the town and street names.

Him- "Oh...Um..Did you have another address?"

Me- "Um. Nope."

Him- "Oh. Uh...What city is Proserpine a suburb of?"

Me- "It's not a suburb, it's a town"

Him- "Oh. Can you spell the town again maam?"

Me- spells it again.

Him- silent for a moment except for the tapping of keys as he types "Maybe the current bill is billed to  your previous address?"

Me "Ahh, um...What do you mean?"

Him- "There doesn't appear to be a 'Proserpine'. Your current internet provider doesn't seem to be billing anyone to that address. Is Proserpine a new town?"

Me- "Not for about 80yrs."

Him- "Oh."

Me- "I can assure you that Optus(current provider) manages to send their bills to the right address every month."

Him- silent for a moment.  "Maam, can I ring you back in ten minutes?"

Hee..now I guess I wait to see it Proserpine actually exists. Wonder if he'll ring me back? Lol

I am sure Australian Government Agencies go out of their way to be as irritating as possible sometimes. Eli turned 16 and so is eligable for Youth Allowance, so we applied for it. The day I handed in his application form I forgot to bring his birth certificate, "no problem", the lady said "Just bring it in tomorrow and we'll copy it. So I did, but the woman at the desk (different woman) argued he didn't need it. I insisted she copy it anyway, which she reluctantly did while making sure I knew she was just humoring me *sigh*.

A week later I get a letter demanding the see his birth cert. I explain I brought it in. Anyways I end up taking it in again and having them copy it again.

Another week goes by and another demand for the birth certificate arrives. I explain that I have indeed taken the cert in twice and, no, I do not want them to cancel the application due to lack of filling the identification requirments. This time I take the reference number and c-link officers name. But I was still required to take the birth certificate in again to show them.

Glad I took that reference number down because I just received yet another letter threatening to cancel the application if I don't show them the birth cert. Reference number lead me to the lady I spoke to last week who promised to sort it all out.

And then there's the Tax office....

Eli needed to apply for his Tax File number. Filled the forms and sent them in registered mail along with the original Identiofication they required. The sent it back saying we need to get the bank statment certified by a JP. We went to the JP who said they would not certify it unless the bank certified it was 'correct'. So we went to the bank and had it stamped and signed and, then we returned to the JP, who insisted he still couldn't sign it because now it was a certified it was considered an 'original copy' and he could only certify a copy of the stamped copy of the copy of the bank statement..HUH???... So we photo copied it and he signed it. Then I called the Tax Office to explain and make sure the certified copy was okay. They then tell me that they only accept original bank statements and not copies, so..um...

But to compound matters they required the medicare card be sent to them, when we first applied, as part of the ID required..and they lost it. Now we have to wait 28 days to get a new medicare card before we can resend the application all again....*sigh* Why couldn't they have taken copies of the ID we already sent rather then insist on having it all sent back to them again?

Here's hoping they don't loose the next one as well.

'Baby' boy turned sixteen yesterday. Already he wants to go for his learners permit. Hubby is freaking out that Eli is 'too young' and 'he'll kill himself or someone else' *rolls eyes* It's not like he was ever sixteen and learning to drive.

The fact that Mr Sixteen answered all thirty questions on the online practice road test correctly...without even having purchased the road rules book to study yet, did nothing to ease hubby's worries. Neither did my pointing out that he has nothing to freak out about yet because Eli learning to drive is the least of our woes, darling daughter turns sixteen next year....Caitlyn behind the wheel of a car? Eep! Be worried, be very, very worried!

*Gah! My baby is sixteen. I am sooooooooo old!*
 Wow, I really was sick for quite a while there. I'm just realising just how bad I was because now I'm better I feel GREAT and I now know the difference between being tired and being exhausted. I think I must have had a low blood count as far back as last November because I remember feeling rather shitty way back then and just blaming the whole heart palp/lethargy thing on stress. I have just as much stress now but no wildly racing heart, weakness, tiredness or memory loss, so, yep. Amazing how I kept dismissing how bad I felt, I think that my reasoning processes must have been impaired as well (according to hubby they still are *eye roll*)

Kids have five weeks of school left then six weeks off. No home schooling for that time. I've decided I'm going to try really hard to find my muses then and finish some fics over vacation *and my Ollie muse seems to be returning to visit quite regularily so I think I could write him*. I miss using my imagination for things other then dreaming about crocodiles crashing weddings and teaching moles to dance *yep, last night was a strange one*
I so badly want to read Stargate Atlantis Exogenesis, but at $90 AUD...Uh...

How can a paperback novel that's only been released about two years be worth $90 Australian...And thats USED?????

Guh!  *cries a little and goes to read old GA trades instead*


Decided to have another cooking day with the kidlets. Made lamingtons, patty cakes (choc and vanilla), bannana cakes, apple tea cakes, choc chip cookies, almond and apricots biscuits (my favs), jam drops (kids fave) and pulla...haven't made pulla in...hmm, 7yrs or more. Decided not to make pumpkin scones, couldn't be bothered peeling pumpkin and cooking it just for them, another day perhaps.

Freezer is full of treats, so are the kids. Kitchen looks like a bomb exploaded in it and I have desicated coconut in my bra. *frowns*


Sep. 29th, 2008

Well it's been one of those rough years that everyone gets now and then. Hopefully things will improve for awhile now. (Though I darn't lay bets on it.)

I've stopped buying all comics. DC either bores me or dissapoints me so much that I can't even be bothered caring that Dwayne McDuffie say's one of my fav characters is one of his least favs in the JLA. Just..Meh, who really cares. I will just need to find more time to read fan fiction. Rather read the work of a fan fic writer who really likes the character over a professional writer who doesn't like him any day.

I have serious trouble with organisation. I really want to organise myself with a schedual that includes time for me to write the remaining parts of some WIP's I have to finish,but I fear that even if I had all the time in the world I'm too restless to really focus on writing just yet. I'll get there though.

I have found myself a new fandom though. Thanks to my dear sister. She came to stay for a week because she needed to get out of her home town. Too much pain for her there at the moment and everytime she went up town someone who hadn't heard the sad news would approach her and ask about bubby. So anyway, she had all four seasons of Stargate Atlantis on her hard drive and we spent the time watching them all. I had never seen Stargate (either SG1 or Atlantis) and Suzy is a big fan and loved sharing with me. It was a great distraction for us both.

Yeah it's plot holey as hell, but hey, I don't care. It's so refreshing to find somthing new and exciting to love (not so refreshing to hear the show ends after the current season though :(  ) and I bought a pile of novels based on the series as well. As soon as I can concentrate a little more I'm gonna read, read, read!

Joe Flanigans ears fascinate me though, I thought he was an alien when I first saw him on the advert of the show that lead into the first series. Cut little pixie ears. Lol, my sister has those same ears she's not so alone anymore.
Today we buried my baby niece.

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My entire family was looking forward to the birth of this precious little girl. She was a bright light in a world that had become darkened by the death of my dad five months ago. We all found that focusing on her arrival helped to ease the pain that we all felt.
Baby Laura’s heart stopped beating in the early hours of the morning she was due to be brought into this world (she was 7 days overdue and schedualed to be induced the afternoon of the day she died). She was kicking at 3am, but when my sister woke again at 6am she sensed something was very wrong. There was no warning, and no reason has been found for her death. It was just one of those tragic things that happen from time to time.
She was named Lauralyn after both grandmothers and was given that name the week my dad died. My sister was excited to tell my mum and dad that they had another granddaughter on the way and what her name would be. Dad died, unexpectedly, two days later and we were all grateful he got to know about Laura before he went.
Last Wednesday my brother in law called me to ask if I could come, my sister and I are very close and she had asked for me. I made it in time to be there when the baby was born. She was just perfect. 7lbs 9, 55.5 cm long. She had little ‘pixie’ ears like my sister had when she was little, her daddy’s large hands and feet and the cutest button nose with a scattering of milk spots. Her hair was strawberry blond and scattered in tiny curls and her little eye lashes were so fair that you had to look twice to see them.
When I held her I fell instantly in love. I can only just begin to imagine the heartbreak my sister and brother in law are going through. Their perfect little girl was their world even before  she was a bump in her mummy’s tummy. I’m so grateful that Suzanne and Tom let me share this time with them. They let me hold their daughter and get to memorize the image of her tiny face in my mind and I can’t express how much that meant to me.
I just wish I could wave a magic wand and make things better. I wish there was something I could say to ease the pain of those I love so much. All the wishing in the world won’t undo things  though. Instead of buying pretty dresses, pink Teddy bears, and bibs with cute sayings written on them, we were buying flowers for her funeral and saying goodbye before we ever got to know her.
When we were getting ready for the funeral my youngest daughter asked me if we were going to check if Laura was really gone before we buried her. She was very worried the doctor could have made a mistake and that Laura might still somehow be alive. Oh how wonderful it would have been to go there and find it was all a bad dream. To have the funeral director say “Hey, they made a mistake.” And hand my sister a healthy, live baby girl.
It’s not fair. I hate this life sometimes.
Please can this year be over yet? Can next year pass without anymore deaths or serious illnesses?
Obviously my youngest sister is avoiding me. (although she tells my mother, when mum badgers her to call me, that she "Rings and rings and rings," but I'm never home. Considering I'm still not allowed to drive...well home is where I am.).  Not sure what I've done this time, not sure I even care anymore. *sighs*

My youngest daughter and I had a baking day yesterday. We made Jam Drops, Chocolate chip cookies, Almond and Apricot Cookies, cookies with sprinkles on them (Keeley's favourites) etc. She had to sample them all...like five times over (no, I didn't give her permission to eat that many, she's a sneaker). When I scolded her for taking biscuits without asking for them she complained her belly was hurting a little. I said "I'm not surprised with all the junk food you've eaten" so she dissappeared for awhile but came back and complained "Mum my belly still hurts, I ate an apple so that I would have some healthy food to make it better, but it doesn't work"

Apparently she thought by eating something healthy it would neutralize the junk food and make it all better Lol.

It's almost 5am, I should try to go back to sleep.

Sep. 10th, 2008

My daughter just returned from the library. She brought home the book "All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome" by Kathy Hoopman.

OMG! I'm sure she was a cat in another life! This book is HER! (the kitty pictures are full of cuteness too!)

Seriously though. This book is awsome!
Ramblings. Real life. Boring stuff.

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Aug. 30th, 2008

Other parts found here-  http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=gottaluvit123&keyword=The+Great+Outdoors&filter=all

Title: The Great Outdoors
Authors: Christine (Mybatboys) and Kim (Gottaluvit123)
Rated: PG
Warnings: None
Synopsis: The Bats and Arrows have some fun under the Arizona Sun
Disclaimer: We don't own them, but we sure do love'em!

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Thanks to all of you who left me encouraging comments.

Argh! *Flails/Panics* I thought I'd have a few weeks to prepare for surgery, but not so (thanks to setbacks).

Doc say's day after tomorrow at 7.15am. I'm so shocked I'm shaking. Oh well, at least I won't have too much time to dwell on the whole thing.

See you all in a week!